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19th April 2018 at 1:00 pm

Unlocking high performing potential in major projects

Half Day Seminar

Church House Conference Centre, London, Conference Centre Westminster, Deans Yard, London, SW1P 3NZ

The Industrial Strategy heralds a new industrial revolution, powered by new technologies transforming the way we work, live and consume. UK productivity rates are seen as a key area of focus and a £31bn Productivity Investment Fund has been set up to drive this. But what can we do now within major projects to unlock high performing potential of people to improve project productivity? A projects biggest asset is its people. How do we harness the productivity potential of people at all levels of the organisational flow from leadership, middle management, supply chain managers, workforce, fabricators? How do we get the right blend of vision and leadership, behaviours and culture, and tools, data and processes to address the productivity dilemma?

Millennials are changing the working landscape with a sense of belonging and of values being represented in the firm being given higher priority over financial reward and flexible working is highly valued. But how do we get best value from what is a largely transient workforce on major projects?

At this event we will be exploring how major project organisations are unlocking high performing potential in projects through empowerment of people, use of cultural programmes to drive continuous improvement across projects and how smart technology is providing the frameworks and tools to support high performance, ultimately leading to improved productivity in major projects.

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