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13th June 2018 at 9:30 am

Project closure and operational readiness

Full Day Seminar

Etc. Venues/ Manchester

In the late 1980 Jan Carlzon transformed SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) into the best in Europe from what had been “the sickest of sick men”. He said, “the first 15 second encounter between a passenger and the airline sets the tone of the entire company in the mind of the customer, it is the ‘moment of truth’”.

Similarly, in whatever industry a major project is undertaken, however well the project is delivered, irrespective of time and budget savings, there will come the ‘moment of truth’ when the project becomes part of everyday life and almost instantaneously will become a success or labelled as a failure. The opening of Terminal 5 at Heathrow is a classic example – the well-executed project was overshadowed by problems with baggage handling. So much so that the BBC asked: What went wrong at Heathrow’s T5?

Success of transition will be dependent on numerous factors including design, construction, testing and commissioning, recruitment, training and planning. Key questions must be answered to achieve a smooth transition:

• How soon should the planning for the transition from project to operation/daily use start?
• Who should be involved?
• How does the risk profile change during that period?
• How do we manage stakeholders, media and end users?
• How do we obtain safety assurance?
• What lessons can be learned from past projects and the people who delivered them?

This seminar will examine the critical success factors, and some of the less obvious, for Project Managers, Project Directors, Financiers, Project Sponsors, Politicians and many other key stakeholders.

There is no charge to attend this event.

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