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20th February 2020

QUBE@Work - Systems Thinking

Online Knowledge Hub Event

“Project Apollo was a triumph of management in meeting enormously difficult systems engineering, technological, and organizational integration requirements. James E. Webb, the NASA Administrator at the height of the program between 1961 and 1968, always contended that Apollo was much more a management exercise than anything else, and that the technological challenge, while sophisticated and impressive, was largely within grasp at the time of the 1961 decision.” Project Apollo, A Retrospective Analysis

The ripples associated with a single decision or a series of decisions within a project spread outwards and then morph as they meet, effect and are affected by the decisions sometimes from other projects or from the wider world of business and society. To understand the ripples and their impact on your work (part of what is called systems thinking), project managers need to observe the patterns of activity, behaviour and impacts associated with their project and the world around it.

For this first QUBE@Work session of 2020, we’ll be using a technique called ‘Five Eyes’ to look at what footage from NASA can reveal about the systems of systems that underpin the current US Space Program. To registerClick here

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