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Managing Urgent and Unforeseen Projects Handbook

Ten tenets of urgent and unforeseen project delivery

Over the last decade project management methodology has focused on creating a controlled environment through structure and process. But what happens when an organisation must respond to an urgent situation?

Based primarily on the Managing urgent and emergency response projects event, this handbook sets out a framework of ten critical factors. The handbook echoes the ‘Ten tenets of major project initiation’ detailed in the Major Projects Association companion publication, The Project Initiation Handbook, and provides an enhanced set of practices specifically relevant to urgent and unforeseen projects.

These ‘Ten tenets of urgent and unforeseen project delivery’ are designed to act as a guide to successful project initiation and execution for hard-pressed professionals on these exceptionally challenging projects. The handbook also signposts readers to further information and case studies.

01 Clarity of vision

Creating a clear and simple vision to rally behind

06 Governance for rapid response

Flexible response that allows for agility

02 Leaders must lead

Leading with integrity and sensitivity

07 Caring for everyone

Prioritising mental and physical wellbeing from the outset

03 Be visible

Maintaining confidence and trust

08 Politics matters

Sustaining a long-term programme

04 Community engagement is key

Putting community at the heart of the project

09 Pace yourself

Sustaining a long-term programme

05 Make friends in peacetime

Using local and existing partnerships for seamless working

10 Capture good practice

Planning, rehearsing and sharing