1st April 2019


Digital Scrapbook

Giving Back to the Profession

Welcome to the third page in the Association for Project Management’s digital scrapbook on Professionalism. Knowledge sharing is all about connecting, communicating and collaborating and there is no better way of doing this than through volunteering. The APM network offers a huge range of opportunities to get involved so tap into the resources of the volunteer community and explore the different ways to share skills, expertise and make a difference.

Details of volunteering opportunities with the APM

Stories from the volunteers network:

Andrew SpiersName: Andrew Spiers
Membership grade: Member
Volunteer role: Governance group committee member

“The same issues manifest themselves across a number of industries, and it is great to see how they face these challenges.”

Ann PilkingtonName: Ann Pilkington
Membership grade: Associate
Volunteer role: People SIG, communication lead

“You need to be ready to get involved and have the time available, although having said that in my experience the committee chair is very good at ensuring it isn’t too onerous. Come ready with some ideas and think about what you can bring to the committee – what is your particular area of expertise?”

Ian CribbesName: Ian Cribbes
Membership grade: Member (MAPM)
Volunteer role: Member of the Focus Group within theThames Valley Branch looking at Stakeholder Engagement

 As a group of like-minded people who meet on a monthly basis we work well together but are not hampered by the need for all to agree (management by committee) which often leads to healthy debate.”

Emma-Ruth Arnaz-PembertonName: Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton
Membership grade: MAPM
Volunteer role: APM PMO specific interest group (SIG) chair

I wanted to contribute to the future of the industry. So, I joined the PMO SIG as a committee member and haven’t looked back since.”

Innocent Chimagwu EbuluName: Innocent Chimagwu Ebulu
Membership grade: Full Member (MAPM)
Volunteer role: Committee Member – APM Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire Branch

“The privilege of getting directly involved in initiating events, lectures, training programmes, workshops and being part of the team that are involved in supporting students and Higher Education Institutions within Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire is overwhelming”

Name: Catherine RocheCatherine Roche
Current role: PMO Officer for a social housing provider
Previous role(s): Assistant project manager in a construction and property consultancy

 I went along to a WiPM event intending to meet other women working in project management and to hear about their experiences. I was struck by how friendly and dedicated the committee seemed and so when I was asked if I was interested in volunteering I was only too happy to get involved.”

Chris MillsName: Chris Mills
Membership grade: Associate
Volunteer role: Committee member

“Volunteering has brought me into contact with a variety of people who share the same skills and have a wealth of experience in different sectors. They have made me realise how much more there is to learn!”

Neil RuncimanName: Neil Runciman
Membership grade: Fellow
Volunteer role: STEM Ambassador

“Be enthusiastic about project management, remember how little you knew about project management when you were their age and talk to them as equals, you will be amazed at the knowledgeable questions that children ask.”

Coming next month: Managing projects the right way

Managing projects – and the interactions that govern them – in an ethical way, is especially pertinent in an ever complex and technologically diverse project environment.

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