Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

In 2015 the Association launched the Gender Balance Initiative specifically to consider why there are so few women in this space.  Whilst this issue is by no means solved the Association now believes the time is right to expand this initiative to cover all different aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion as well as gender.  As we expand our work these pages will change and increase in order to encompass this wider remit. 

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The topic of the Association’s 2019 annual conference was Sustainability and the Circular Economy. We discussed ways in which the major projects sectors could contribute to the circular economy and build sustainability into our work. At the end of the conference we made a number of commitments which can be seen in the links below. ​

  • Personal and Business Pledge Schemes ​
  • Good Practice Case Studies​
  • Knowledge Sharing Platform ​
  • Sustainability Toolkit ​

“The Major Projects Association Sustainability Ambassador Network is a collaborative working forum on the topics of sustainability and climate change. The purpose of the network is to champion good practice and effective initiatives that can deliver a step change in the performance of our member organisations in the initiation and sustainable delivery of major projects that are consistent with the Net Zero commitment.”

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