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Who we are

The Major Projects Association is a membership association for organisations engaged in the delivery and the development of major projects, programmes and portfolios.

When the Major Projects Association was established in 1981 the key objective of the Founders was to share their experience, knowledge and ideas about major projects – both successes and failures – to help others to avoid mistakes and to incorporate good practice, in order that future projects would be better initiated and delivered.

This remains our central aim and the Association is still home to those organisations and individuals that share a common purpose: the desire to hone their skills; to improve best practice; and to investigate innovative solutions for the many problems encountered during major projects, programmes and portfolios.

"The purpose of the Association is to improve the initiation and delivery of major projects through the interaction of members from all sectors in sharing experience, knowledge and ideas."

Membership comprises organisations engaged in a wide variety of commercial and public enterprises. They operate in a wide variety of fields including: manufacturing, construction, defence, transportation, IT, government departments, consultancies and law, as well as those engaged in the academic study of major projects.

"Major projects are so complex that they require cross-disciplinary collaboration of the highest order – within and between companies and cultures – before they can be implemented successfully."
Dr Martin Barnes CBE, Former Executive Director, Major Projects Association