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Communities of Practice

This page is dedicated to organisations which have their own “Major Projects Community of Practice”. You will find resources and links to help you.

How can you set up a Community of Practice?
Presentation by Dr Neil Turner, Cranfield University

How the Major Projects Association aims to help members’ Communities of Practice.
Presentation by Manon Bradley, Major Projects Association

Case Study – the Department for Transport’s Community of Practice.
Presentation by Sian Jones and Michelle Dawson, Department for Transport



Raising Awareness

We suggest that you make sure that everyone in your Community of Practice is aware of your membership of the Association. If you have a social media presence for your group you might want to consider putting a link to this website on your resources page with information about how people can log on / register for events / access seminar reports.

Making the most of Seminars and Reports

There is a huge library of seminar reports, summaries and highlights on the Resources page of our website which can provide food for thought and prompt discussions.

All of our Highlights reports (specific link to highlights) are written with Communities of Practice in mind. They are short enough to be read by everyone within your community prior to a meeting and include “points for further discussion” to help you stimulate debates within your group.

You could also consider asking people who attend our seminars to present to your Community of practice what they learnt at the event. Seminar highlights and short reports will help them with this task.