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How to make the most of your membership – Hints for Main Representatives

    1. As the Main Representative – make sure you have met with someone from the Association and asked them to fully explain your role.
    2. Take time to think carefully about whom at your company should be in receipt of information from the Association. This may differ depending on the type of information we send. If you are able to establish a circulation list of people who also have their own circulation lists this is a relatively easy way to disseminate information through your company.
    3. “Recruit” a well organised assistant to take on the role of “copy rep” - this person would receive copies of all emails and should be someone you can rely upon to circulate and co-ordinate information sensibly throughout the organisation.
    4. If you have an intranet consider putting a link to Major Projects Association’s website on your resources page with information about how people can log on / register for events / access seminar reports. You could use the following paragraph about the Association:

[Company] is a member of the Major Projects Association. The purpose of the Major Projects Association is to improve the initiation and delivery of major projects through the interaction of members from all sectors in sharing experience, knowledge and ideas. Membership is corporate so that anyone working for [Company] is allowed to access the resources of the Association. The resources available are:

      1. A full programme of events including seminars, conferences, dinners, breakfast meetings - all of which focus on issues relating to the initiation and delivery of major projects.
      2. Over 200 seminar reports and seminar summaries.
      3. A programme of professional development – for which there is a charge.

In order to access these resources individuals must first log onto the website using:

Username: your email address
Password: [insert your corporate password]

This will only work if you are already registered on the database.
In order to do this, click on the MEMBERS LOGIN box and select “Lost Password”.

  1. Include our logo on your own website.
  2. Consider asking event attendees to summarise what they learnt at Major Projects Association events and to present it back to colleagues.
  3. Consider including “attendance at x number of Major Projects Association events” as a goal on appropriate peoples’ annual appraisals.
  4. Use the “Points for further discussion” on our Highlights reports to stimulate debate within your organisation.
  5. Form a company-wide major projects community of practice and use our documents and events to create discussions, find speakers and stimulate learning.