1st October 2018


Digital Scrapbook

Being a Project Professional

Professionalism, being professional in your job, acting and behaving in a professional way, this is what all reputable tradespeople want to be recognised for – and project managers are no exception. But what does professionalism mean, and how do you demonstrate professionalism while managing complex projects with multiple stakeholders and multi-billion pound budgets? These and other related questions are at the heart of APM’s – the Association for Project Management’s – strategy to create a world in which all projects succeed. Often this comes down to a question of personal judgement and a sense of duty, or care, to the client and ultimately end user.

At APM we firmly believe that good practices – to plan, control budgets, test readiness, apply due diligence, health and safety, source sustainable products – are part and parcel of the professional project manager’s make up, which is why we’re investing in raising standards and career development through qualifications, APM’s FIVE Dimensions of Professionalism, knowledge sharing and CPD. The outcome: a professional community of professional members.



October 2018 Page One: Building a career as a project professional

February 2019 Page Two: Learning from others to improve performance

March 2019 Page Three: Giving back to the profession

April 2019 Page Four: Doing the right thing

May 2019 Page Five: Recognising professional achievement

June 2019  Page Six: Inspiring the next generation of project professionals

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Creating digital scrapbooks is a social activity. The APM team may be editing the formal content that we collate into this scrapbook but please register for the Major Projects Knowledge Hub so you can share your comments and ideas on each of the scrapbook pages.

We would also like to invite any project professionals, whether you are APM qualified or are following other routes, to share your stories via our 90 Second Insights Video Channel on YouTube. Contact Jonathan Norman, Major Projects Knowledge Hub Manager,, to set up a 90 second interview via skype or zoom to talk about your experience of being a project professional or, if you are a Head of Profession, how your organisation is responding to this new career path.

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