Welcome to the last of our series exploring Benefits Management and the simple things that you can do to ensure you get the value you need from major projects.

This article provides a check-list of the full array of reports and data visibility any major project might ever need for benefits management. This lists the reports, analysis and dashboards that can offer all the insights required to make great decisions. Insights into the status, progress, options, alignment, prioritisation and big picture of benefits delivery.

saketh-garuda-SHY-CKpYjrE-unsplashHow to have the right insights about benefits measurement and know how benefits are progressing

These days we need insights to be tailored for each audience, to show them what they need to make their decisions, the insights need to be visual so that anyone can see at a glance what is important to them and the insights have to be up-to-date and accessible to inform fast-moving decisions.

Everyone is so swamped with data that what we share has to really matter to our audience to be useful. We need to make sure that everyone is motivated to make the best use of the measurement information you have available in their decisions, especially when working remotely.

Good insights about benefits and value support better decisions. This checklist is comprehensive and will help you to define the set of reports, analytics, dashboards, and KPIs that will unlock the visibility of value for your organisation. We all know that benefits management maturity takes some time but if you aim to have some of these in place you can work towards managing benefits more effectively.

When establishing reporting and governance for benefits management, consider:

  1. Who are the viewers who need the data visuals and reports?
  2. What is the purpose? What are the discussions, decisions and actions that you need as a result of the reporting?
  3. What are the impacts on the business you anticipate with better visibility of information?

Wovex Benefits Insight

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If you use any other approaches to promote the visibility of project and portfolio benefits that aren’t listed here, please do get in touch and let us know. We are always delighted to hear about new ideas to feed into our software.

Wovex benefits realisation management software helps managers who care about the financial and non-financial impact of multiple projects to deliver and demonstrate greater performance. We all need to prove that we are delivering value and there is no easier way to improve your productivity and drive greater value than with Wovex.

It’s been a pleasure sharing these ideas with you in this series of blogs. We hope that they provide you with practical approaches and help to bring Benefits Realisation Management to life.

Everyone we work with has different needs for benefits management. As we have explained in these blogs the order and pace that you take the steps along the journey are up to you.

If you take time to consider:

the right scope for your needs,

find ways to manage benefits even when you are apart,

look to what truly integrating benefits management in your organisation could offer

and make sure that you have the right information visible to whoever needs it,

….you shouldn’t go too far wrong.

If you have any questions about our software or the approaches that we have discussed here please contact Wovex for more information.

 About Hannah

Hannah McBain: I work with our varied customers to support them to deliver greater value from projects, programmes and portfolios. That might include benefit mapping, which visualises the impact of their decisions so that they can better deliver strategy, or building their own benefits data hub and management processes within Wovex.

Sometimes, the priority is to provide assurance and oversight. Sometimes to track and analyse the benefits delivered or to optimise portfolios and quickly uncover and address risks.  My focus is to help customers to remain agile and deliver whatever benefits they promise.

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