To support the new Project Sponsorship network that now has a home within the Major Projects Association community of practice, we have started to collate key resources for project sponsors.

Here are the first ten items to get you started. Whilst some of the resources refer specifically to the public sector, ALL of them have useful insight for any project sponsors or SROs, wherever you may be working.

  1. The Role of the Senior Responsible Owner
    Great guidance from the Infrastructure and Projects Authority that describes the role of the senior responsible owner (SRO) and its relationship to other key leadership roles in project delivery: within the project, the project director or manager, and within the wider organisation, the accounting officer.
  2. The Art of Brilliance: A Handbook for Leaders of Transformation Programmes
    The Art of Brilliance unpacks the behavioural characteristics of highly successful leaders of transformation programmes. It brings to life the everyday challenges of leading complex transformations in a succinct and helpful aid.
  3. Getting the Most Value from the Project Sponsor (VIDEO)
    Todd C. Williams’ monthly Masterclass interview explores the role of executive sponsor, the value they bring to projects and the organization that they work for.
  4. Managing Successful Programmes: Programme Board Survival Guide
    The purpose of this guide is to help you to answer some of these questions – to enable you to undertake the role of an SRO, Sponsoring Group member or Programme Board member – specifically to understand the lifecycle of a typical programme, the roles involved, decisions you need to make, documentation you need to approve, reviews you should undertake and questions you should be asking.
  5. Leading Major Projects (VIDEO)
    The second in our series of collaborative webinars with the Infrastructure and Projects Authority exploring leadership (including sponsorship).
  6. Guide for Effective Benefits Management in Major Projects
    These guidelines are primarily aimed at Senior Responsible Owners (SROs), Programme and Project Directors, Benefits Managers and Business Change Managers working on major projects.
  7. Project Delivery Capability Framework
    This interactive document explains all aspects of the framework and enables project delivery professionals, and those interested in becoming project delivery professionals, to explore the different roles within the profession, including those associated with project sponsorship.
  8. Improving Operational Delivery in Government: A Good Practice Guide for Senior Leaders
    This guide highlights principles of operational management – the specific skills and ways of working needed to translate policy intent into effective services for end users. Building on our previous analysis of government’s operational management capability, the guide describes the ‘whole-system’ approach needed for organisations to deliver outcomes together that they cannot achieve alone.
  9. Defining Effective Sponsorship for Complex Projects
    In this paper the authors have focused on how project sponsorship relates to the environment and context in which the project is being progressed, and in particular on the relationship between the processes of project sponsorship and project management. Based on their experiences of complex projects across many business sectors they have created a framework of project sponsorship that consists of three components; project leadership, business ownership and project direction.
  10. Project Sponsorship: Senior Management’s Role in the Successful Outcome of Projects
    Project success is a team effort, and when the project sponsorship role is better understood, the whole team benefits. This is not a portfolio management paper; while it addresses some aspects of portfolio management; it focuses on streamlining the working relations between the project manager and the sponsor, so both “speak” the same language.

We’ll follow with another 10 resources next week. Feel free to leave any links to your own favourite project sponsorship resources in the comments section below, to help guide out selection.