Reinventing webinars_ tips & tricks for online meeting design and delivery from PMI UK Digital Events on Vimeo.

Are you ever bored or distracted during webinars? Do you quickly zone out or leave if a presentation doesn’t ‘float your boat’? Maybe you stay just long enough to obtain the PDU code for a unit of professional development? We know some webinars can feel like a dirge. Death by PowerPoint, endless bullet points, shown on complicated impenetrable slides!

Alternatively, you may have attended webinars where the speaker hooked you in from the start, made you feel involved throughout, and left you with a STAR (something that you will always remember)? Let’s hope so.

Many of us have been thrust, kicking, and screaming, into a new world of virtual presentations as presenters, panellists, moderators, hosts, event organisers and even production teams – all without professional training!

With some careful planning it is possible to master roles such as; tech support, engagement specialist and online chat show host, whilst working together as a team to design and deliver compelling must-attend events that create value for participants and leave a lasting legacy.

Recording of the webinar delivered by Merv Wyeth and Jonathan Norman, Knowledge Manager, Major Projects Association on 1st October 2020.