If you are focusing on tomorrow, you may be tempted to concentrate on the efficiency of your projects and how you manage them. But surely, in such a fast moving environment, if you want to change your company, your industry and your society, then you need to be looking at the day after tomorrow and that requires a focus on project effectiveness; understanding not simply how to deliver your projects better but how to deliver better projects.

That focus requires data because you need data to understand and measure where and how your projects are delivering value, delivering change (social, environmental and technical) and delivering future capability.

But it doesn’t stop there. I’d argue that whilst a focus on tomorrow might be limited to your own projects, focusing on the day after tomorrow requires insight and learning from across the industry and ultimately across the world because major projects are complex and interdependent. One project influences and is influenced by another project whether or not that is your project or something delivered by a competitor.

Here then is the challenge: how do you get access to data and insights from across the major projects landscape?

The answer, in part, may be data trusts; carefully constructed and highly governed platforms within which data may be pooled and analysed for the benefit of all. Put your data into a data trust and you may then present use-cases to the trustees for access to shared data sets which can give you that learning across industry. You can also benefit from the insights that can be generated through AI and automation which searches for and interprets patterns of data.

You can’t necessarily shift your focus from project efficiency to project effectiveness overnight  (but then again, you don’t need to). However, you can make a definite and calculated start by joining the Major Projects Association at the Bentley Academy and online, via simultaneous webinar, on 26th September for The Project Data Challenge.

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