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Michèle Dix CBE

Managing Director, Crossrail 2

Michèle started her career at the Greater London Council (GLC) after completing her PhD in Transport and Land Use Planning and became a Chartered Civil Engineer through the GLC’s transport planning graduate scheme. She spent fifteen years in the private sector with Halcrow Fox becoming the Board Director for Urban Transport. She joined Transport for London (TfL) in 2000 as Director of Congestion Charging on a job share basis with Malcolm Murray-Clark and became Managing Director of Planning in 2007.
Michèle led TfL’s strategic thinking on the future transport needs of London, testing and challenging solutions; providing clear direction on appropriate transport solutions for the future; she was responsible for the Mayor’s Transport Strategy and transport requirements for the Mayor’s 2050 Infrastructure Plan; coordinating the implementation of local plans and borough partnerships; and developing major scheme interchanges.
Michèle is now responsible for developing Crossrail 2 and gaining funding and powers for it. Michèle is a Visiting Professor for UCL and is a member of an international committee for UITP which promotes public transport research and best practice globally. Most recently, Michèle has joined the Major Projects Association as a Board Member and has become Trustee for the London Transport Museum.