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Nicola Shaw

Executive Director UK

Ms. Nicola Shaw, BA, MST serves as the Chief Executive Officer of HS1 Ltd. Ms. Shaw served as Managing Director of UK Business Division at Firstgroup plc since June 13, 2005. Ms. Shaw served as Director of UK, Ireland and Germany Business at Firstgroup plc since January 5, 2009. Prior to Firstgroup, she served as Managing Director of Operations at the Strategic Rail Authority. She served as Transport Consultant with Bechtel and Halcrow Fox. Ms. Shaw's career in the public transport sector, both in the UK and overseas, has included roles at the Office of the Rail Regulator, Bechtel, Halcrow, World Bank and London Transport. She served as an Independent Non-executive Director of Aer Lingus Group plc since January 25, 2010 until September 02, 2015. She served as a Director of Firstgroup plc since January 5, 2009. Ms. Shaw holds a BA in Modern History and Economics from Oxford University and an MSc in Transport from MIT.