PMO Flashmob meets Emotional Intelligence

Conference Fringe

1st Oct 2020
18:30 - 20:00
Places Remaining:
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The hugely successful PMO Flashmob, a learning and networking group for people interested in PMOs, turns its focus to emotional intelligence

PMO Flashmob is the learning and networking group for people interested in PMOs which meets throughout the year with regional ‘mobs’ to research, inform and network around all things PMO.

In a special event on Thursday 1st October to mark the Major Projects Association conference fringe, PMO Flashmob gets emotional.

We’re delighted to have Geoff Crane join us to lead the session as we go beyond emotional intelligence to personal intelligence.

AdaptimistGeoff is a great friend of PMO Flashmob and joined the PMO Conference back in 2018. Here’s a little about Geoff:

As a pioneer in the field of motivational intelligence, he has written numerous articles on the importance of emotional and social skills in the workforce. Well-versed in the changing demands of today’s project-based work environments, Geoff spends his days helping leaders design and build a balanced repertoire of soft skills to help them achieve what matters most.

It’s also through Geoff’s work at The Trent University Emotion and Health Research Laboratory (EHRL) in Peterborough, Ontario that we’re able to bring a great session to you.

We’ll be taking a look at personal intelligence – learning about the components of emotional, social and motivational competencies.

Please note, this event is hosted by PMOFlashmob. To register for the event, follow the link: PMO Flashmob Meets Emotional Intelligence



1st Oct 2020