Electric Vehicles – Transitioning to the Future


3rd Feb 2021
13:00 - 14:00
Places Remaining:
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Energy is one of the defining issues of our time, with the reliability and security of its supply being fundamental to societal stability and prosperity.  In the past, these objectives were met through stable and plentiful supplies of fossil fuels; it is now evident however that we must quickly transition to a post-fossil future.  Electric Vehicles – Transitioning to the Future on Wednesday February 3rd at 1.00 pm will explore the rapid transition to electric-based transportation, and will cover the underpinning government policy behind it, the market’s reaction to it, the technical challenges in facilitating it, and the carbon benefits associated with it.

Our presenter will be Luke Aldred, Associate Director, Energy, AECOM. Luke has been with AECOM’s Sustainable Development Group for nearly 7 years, providing a range of  sustainability-focused services associated with renewable energy, low carbon development, decarbonisation strategies, future fuels and energy trends.

This is the fourth in the Series of events organised and delivered by the Association's Sustainability Ambassadors. You can view the recordings of the complete series here.

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3rd Feb 2021