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If explicit knowledge can be shared through reports, research and presentations, tacit knowledge can only be shared socially. We enable networking between the Association’s community of members at our members only events and through our open knowledge sharing activities. The Association website enables members to build your own network of contacts from amongst your peers and facilitates confidential knowledge sharing through discrete, member-initiated, groups drawn from across industry. ​

Knowledge sharing is often as much about personality and serendipity as it is about planning and so the Association encourages and hosts a variety of community activities, some of which feature in the list below. We seek opportunities to work on open knowledge sharing events with other organizations and associations to encourage a flow of ideas and knowledge within the membership and between members and the wider major projects and business communities. ​

Guest Blogging 

Our monthly guest blogger programme provides volunteers with the opportunity to frame and share aspects of their view of the world of major projects through a series of four or five linked and socialized blog posts and an optional 60-minute zoom session.  

Member Interviews 

We invite members to contribute to our monthly Masterclass Series of video interviews or through the ad hoc, 90 second, Ideas from Experience, videos, which we film or which we invite you to film and upload to the website.  

Wednesday shares 

Every Wednesday we offer a programme of social shares: Book of the Week, popular management models, podcasts and information sources that are curated each month by a guest editor.

Guest Blogging

We have one guest blogger each month whom we invite to write a series of related posts to a single theme (of your choice) which we post each Thursday of the month and share through our social channels. We offer the guest blogger the added discretionary option of facilitating a 60 minute live Zoom discussion around their theme, during their month’s tenure. Todd C. Williams explored the challenge of Ending the Blame Culture during his Zoom live.


Member Interviews

Book Of The Week:

“The Project Book” by Colin D. Ellis

The Project BookColin D. Ellis is one of the two authors facilitating bookclub sessions at our 2020 Conference Fringe. He’s not a conventional project manager and despite the deceptively straight-forward title, The Project Book is not a conventional book. There’s plenty here for us to unpack around the theme of the conference: Emotional Intelligence.

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