5th October 2018


Digital Scrapbook

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

Do you remember the scrapbooks you put together in your childhood? I am guessing they were a collage, commentary, postcards, photographs and pieces cut from magazines, guides or even product packaging.

The whole idea was to create a landscape of your interests and a physical memory to which you could return and which, far from being static, grew and developed with each new experience.

The Major Projects Knowledge Hub digital scrapbooks are very much in that tradition except that we are able to use digital technology to add video, social commentary and even events to the pages that we create.

Jo Lucas’ Design for Manufacturing and Assembly will take you through the landscape of this emerging and highly disruptive technology over 12 months. We hope that you will follow the publication of each new page on the final Friday of every month; that you will take part in the events associated with many of the pages and that you will share and commentate what we are doing to make it relevant and interesting for other people in your network.

You can watch Jo sharing her hopes and plans for the scrapbook in our YouTube channel.

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly


Foreword by Denise Bower, Executive Director of the Major Projects Knowledge Hub

Introduction by Jo Lucas, Editor of the Scrapbook

Page One: What is DfMA –  Peter Scully and Tim Lucas (published 23/05/2018)
Page One includes pictures from our first Scrapbook live event, the ‘Tools for DfMA Tour’ of the UCL Bartlett, Here East Facility; thought pieces by Peter and Tim; interviews with our editor, Jo Lucas, Tim Lucas, Richard McWilliams of Turner and Townsend, Martin Eriksson of TfL plus links to some four sets of resources and useful DfMA websites.

Page Two: Innovative Procurement and Smart Contracting – Graham Thomas, Affinitext  and Simon Addyman, UCL (published 06 July 2018)

Page Three: Changing the Delivery Model for Infrastructure Projects (published 6th March 2019)

DfMA Events programme

Friday 4th May, 2018: The Tools for DfMA Tour at the UCL, Bartlett School of Architecture, Here East Facility

Monday 25th June, 2018: Smart Procurement, DfMA, Alliancing and Blockchain – conversation of the futurists of project construction, at the Affinitext Offices, London

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