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The Challenge of Major Projects

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The techniques used in the Challenge of Major Projects are varied but the underlying aims are simple: to draw on actual experience and expertise in the conduct of major projects as widely as possible, and to maintain active participation and collaboration from the delegates.

Key components running through the week are:

- How can the objectives, benefits and constraints of a project be best understood?

- What are the different strategies available to realise them and how is the most appropriate one chosen?

- How are projects and programmes best organised and controlled?

The programme is highly interactive. Participants learn as much from each other as they do from the programme faculty. The programme is intensive with over 12 hours of concentrated activity each day. All sessions are led by eminent contributors from industry, commerce and academia. The programme draws on significant case studies and the experience of delegates themselves.

Opportunities are provided for participants to present to their peers the projects that they are currently working on in order to share ideas and potential improvements.

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