23rd May 2019


Digital Scrapbook

Doing the Right Thing

Welcome to the fourth page in the Association for Project Management’s digital scrapbook on Professionalism. At their heart, projects are designed to improve the human condition. This may be in terms of the consumer, the citizen,  the business person but ultimately the aim is to make things better.

How is ‘doing the right thing’ – tackling the main threats and opportunities associated with our home and work lives supported by the Association for Project Management? Let’s look at three perspectives:


“There are plenty of opportunities, and needs, for project managers and the project management profession to stand up, claim the right to direct and influence activities, and perform and contribute to the development of a lower emitting world of greenhouse gases. But to do that many of us will have to stand up and be counted, making difficult decisions …” Peter Morris

Climate Change and Project Management


“Sustainability is an aspect that is only occasionally given the same level of effort or attention it deserves, particularly in commercially led programmes where the focus tends to be toward achieving a fixed return on investment or a defined payback period …” Chris Beach

Sustainability: the Programme Leader’s Legacy

Health and Safety

“Cultural barriers within the organisation needed to be overcome. Commercial teams were tendering for new projects with minimal awareness of the financial aspects of health and safety management. There was resistance from site operatives to adhere to safety rules and requirements, as this apparently hindered getting the job done. ” CCG Scotland, Winner, Shell HSSE Award, 2014

HSSE Awards Case Study


“Whenever people come together for whatever reason in work, family events, sports activities and so on, the performance of individuals and teams in those environments is affected by their behaviour, which is directly impacted by their mental health.” Lucinda Finney



“As project professionals, we have been so keen on improving our skills on managing cost, time and scope of projects; however, we neglect that our personal well-being can hinder our abilities to effectively apply those skills to the workplace.” Dr Clara Man Cheung#

Measuring what works: workplace well being of project professionals



Coming next month: Recognising professional achievement

Celebrating and rewarding achievement is an important aspect of championing the profession and motivating practitioners within it.

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