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12th March 2002 - 1st March 2002 at 12:00 pm

Systems Integration for Major Projects

Full Day Seminar

Systems Integration for Major Projects
12th March 2002
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12th March 2002

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12:00Chairman's IntroductionSir Edmund Burton
12:01Joined-up SystemsDavid Kirkpatrick
12:02The Need for a System Integration Strategy at London Underground LtdKeith Beattie
12:03Systems Integration Projects at General MotorsIain Pullinger
12:04Leading System Change in the NHS through FinancePhilip Hewitson
12:05A New Methodology for Systems IntegrationProfessor Keith Robinson
Integrated Systems and Strategies
12:06Joined-up Defence: Integration Issues for Battlespace and Acquisition SpaceProf Peter Brook
12:07Learning the Lessons on Train Protection SystemsIan McCulloch
Senior Partner
12:08Chairman's SummarySir Edmund Burton