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13th July 2016 at 10:30 am

Gender Balance - the retention and promotion challenge

Full Day Seminar

KPMG, 15 Canada Square, London, E14 5GL

Client organisations such as HS2 are beginning to see Equality Diversity and Inclusion as critical in their evaluation of tenders. And Gender Balance is a critical part of this. The need to recruit, retain and promote women is no longer a “nice to have”. Unless you are giving proper consideration to this issue you risk missing out on some of the UK's largest projects.

“EDI is a key part of the HS2 tendering process. The difference between winning and coming second in a tendering exercise can be as little as 4%. EDI and other sustainability elements can be worth up to 20% so it’s not an area any organisation wanting to win business can ignore. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion is a vital part of the solution to the talent and skills gap we currently face as a sector. Simply – EDI is crucial to organisations wanting to work with HS2.” Mark Lomas, Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, HS2

This full day seminar will address the key issues of retention and promotion. Many organisations within the MPA membership have admitted that they recruit very similar numbers of men and women at graduate level but that they struggle to retain them and that as they look towards their senior ranks the proportion of women declines. It is a common problem and one which this full day seminar aims to address.

We will have speakers from project deliverers, consultants and academics. All of whom will share their views on why women leave; how we can persuade more of them to stay and how we can persuade them to come back.

We are indebted to KPMG LLP for hosting this event and for their help in the organisation of it.

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