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28th February 2018 at 12:00 pm

Global trends in client models in major projects

Half Day Seminar

Institution of Civil Engineers, London, 1 Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AA

Findings and case studies from exclusive research by the Major Projects Association into client models will be discussed at this exciting seminar on 28th February. Interviewing clients from Australia, Canada, India, Kosovo, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and the UK, the research highlighted important trends and lessons emerging in client models for major project delivery. Some of these world leading clients including Sydney Water, the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) and National Grid will share their experiences at the seminar.

Findings from the study identified a range of client models from light client approaches with extensive use of outsourced delivery functions, to deeply integrated expert clients delivering major programmes of work using centralised support functions and pop up project teams.

Despite the very different challenges, projects and programmes faced by clients, some common issues and themes emerged in the report. In some cases, the highly politicised project environment has led to a push to accelerate delivery and is driving outsourcing of delivery functions and creation of light client models particularly for immature organisations. In other cases, mature clients are seeking to obtain the perceived benefits of greater private sector involvement and accelerate delivery using the London 2012 Olympic strategy of employing a delivery partner to take on all programme and contract management functions.
At the same time, the need to strengthen programme and project management expertise is also a key issue for clients who are doing this both through strengthening of internal capacity and hiring in consultants to deliver these services.

A prioritisation of customer requirements is another driver for major projects and clients are taking the needs of customers into account earlier meaning additional resources are brought in to client models earlier, leading to new roles within client organisations.
The event will also discuss how clients are working with their supply chain and setting up their models to incentivise the best possible project performance from their partners.

This half day seminar will be offered as a webinar for Major Projects Association members and is intended to be useful for professionals from across the major projects environment, from client organisations to their partners and suppliers. There will also be a campaign held through our Knowledge Hub and attendees will be asked to complete a survey.

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