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19th April 2018 at 6:00 pm

Workforce transformation - how should the industry respond to changing attitudes and expectations of the workforce?

Evening Meeting

Church House Conference Centre, London, Conference Centre Westminster, Deans Yard, London, SW1P 3NZ

We are all living longer. In 1980 the average life expectancy in the UK was around 74, by 2000 it was 78, and in 2015 it had reached 81. And the trend is continuing so that by 2030, people will live to be well into their 80s. This will have a profound impact upon the workplace – pensions (at their current rate) will not support pensioners through an extended retirement. It will become necessary for people to remain in work for far longer than they currently do. Retirement ages will extend into the 70s. This will change the way that people wish to work.

Already we have seen the disappearance of “jobs for life” and with this inevitable extension to the working life it is possible that we will no longer even see “careers for life”. Those entering the workforce in their 20s now have the prospect of working for 50+ years. It is unlikely that they will chose to stay for all those years in the same profession - a trend we have begun to see in the working patterns preferred by Millennials.

This evening discussion will explore what this will mean for major projects? We will explore how we might need to invest even more in organisational learning to deal with a regularly changing workforce; how leadership skills might need to shift from process to people; how technology can help to fill some of the gaps and the expectations around its use; as well as whether significant social shifts over the next generation will require us to adopt flexible working patterns and different ways of measuring project value.

This evening seminar is free to attend for all member organisations and will appeal to everyone in the major projects community. Commencing at 18.30 concluding at 20.30.

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