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23rd July 2018

Managing project knowledge in the world after midnight

Virtual Event

Managing and sharing knowledge in the environment of projects and programmes remains challenging. Plenty of organizations have structures and processes designed to capture lessons learned but applying these in subsequent projects remains a perennial challenge and very few of those organizations have even begun to get to grips with the challenge of tacit knowledge.

The ‘World after Midnight’ is a phrase coined by Eddie Obeng to describe a project environment in which all the rules have changed. Technology, changing social attitudes, globalisation, political turmoil have all combined disrupt the rules of business and to make matters worse, these and other forces of change are moving faster than our capacity to learn.

We need a new approach (or rather a whole series of new approaches) including new ways of working …
Join us in QUBE “… a facilitated collaboration service that will guarantee you Learn to Transform to achieve your goals faster, cheaper and better with more buy-in.” for our second Project Knowledge Management Meet-Up.

We’ll use the tools (called PETs – Performance Enhancement Tools) Evolve, Dominate or Die to explore the behaviours from the world before midnight that have enabled us to succeed as knowledge managers and to frame the new behaviours that we need in this new post-midnight world - before planning some Sticky Steps to translate our findings into concrete action steps that may point to the theme for our next KM Meet-Up.

I have managed to persuade a team from the NHS, who are experienced QUBE users to join us. They will share their experience of this way of working and help facilitate the event, along with members of QUBE’s own tutoring staff.

18.00 - 19.15 hrs QUBE Exploratory - working in a virtual environment Click here to book via Eventbrite

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