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31st July 2018 at 5:30 pm

New Approaches to Project Handover

Evening Meeting

Bentley Systems, 20 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0BG

The handover is a much neglected interface at the heart of every project. It’s a time when: the project shifts from build to operate; the output (whether building, product, software or process) is handed over from the project team to the owner or operator; everyone has a chance to judge what has been delivered; the project team take time to reflect on what they’ve learned from the process.

So it is little wonder that it is fraught with risk and yet we tend to neglect it. Conventional wisdom pushes the message that ‘if you’ve done your pre-work, your stakeholder engagement, your risk management and your project control and management properly, then your handover shouldn’t be worry.’ But this underplays the complexity of those processes and the passage of time.

The Major Projects Knowledge Hub Live event on 31st July, run in collaboration with the Chartered Association for Project Management and Bentley Systems, will allow you get under the bonnet of the process of project handover.

Our three speakers, UCL’s Professor Andrew Edkins, Sharon Lee from Arup and Owen Anthony, Programme Manager at Sheffield Hallam University, will each share their experience and stories of great (or disastrous) handovers. Expert facilitator, Tom Taylor and our invited audience will then pick up the threads and the tensions between these stories, share their own insights and quiz the speakers.

We hope that the resulting, live, discussion will spark ideas and insights on the nature of project handover; the risks that lurk within it and the ways in which you might change your own approach and techniques you might adopt to turn the revolver from yourselves and aim for the target - a successful and sustainable adoption of the project and the benefits that can flow as a result. You are invited to attend in person or as a webinar participant, to register for the webinar Click here to register and join the simultaneous event. If you would like to attend in person register in the normal way.

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