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21st February 2019 at 5:30 pm

MPKH QUBE Event: Stakeholder storytelling

Online Knowledge Hub Event

QUBE Online


Stakeholders and their management are a continuous source of challenge, learning, risk and resilience for any major projects. The theory of stakeholder management often feels inadequate in the face of reality: multiple stakeholders, many with agendas they don't necessarily understand themselves and some of those prone to changing their position through the project.

Stakeholder Storytelling is the first of a new Series of bi-monthly facilitated evening workshops on QUBE for the major projects community. We'll explore a perspective on stakeholders you may not have used before and encourage you to share your own stories and techniques from some of your most memorable or challenging stakeholder engagements.
The sessions are designed to encourage you to take away some insight you can use - a technique, an example, a sense of how others do things or simply a confirmation of your own intuitive approach. The sessions will also help you build and extend your professional network as well as develop your skills on collaborating and co-working in a virtual environment.

QUBE @ Work is open to members of the Major Projects Knowledge Hub and Major Projects Association communities.

You'll need a laptop and a PC, with a set of in-ear headphones and microphone (as you would use for your telephone). Once you have downloaded QUBE we'll guide you through the process of learning to work through an avatar (your QUBOT) and you'll be ready to go.

What can you expect from QUBE @ Work?
These regular workshop sessions will provide you with an opportunity to explore and develop personal and organizational approaches to working in major projects. We aim to generate an output from each event that you can take back and share with colleagues. You'll also have the opportunity to experience (and practise your skills) of working in a virtual environment. Finally, this is an opportunity to meet and work collaboratively with your peers from across other major projects.

Please book your place at this event through Eventbrite using this link.

This event is not bookable online
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