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15th August 2019

MPKH QUBE Event: Work the language of communication

Online Knowledge Hub Event

QUBE Online

The Language of Project Working
One of the most significant yet hidden influences on project communication is status. Have you noticed how:
• people will hang on every word of someone senior in your organization’s hierarchy (even if they are talking rubbish, or contradicting last week's message)?
• some people always struggle to get heard - even if you want to hear what they have to say?
• you feel powerful in some situations and powerless in others?
• in meetings, some people know how to encourage or close down discussion and debate, and others don't?
Consultant, change agent and author of Project Delivery, Uncertainty and Neuroscience, Carole Osterweil, will co-facilitate our QUBE@Work Session on Thursday 15th August (17.30-19.00 BST) and explore how status creeps into communication - like a hidden language. Join us at this workshop to share your observations and experience of status - both good and bad. Discover how perceptions of status drive our behaviours and colour our language. Learn how recognising the hidden power of status can help you manage the involvement of 'senior' and 'junior' stakeholders in your projects - making it easier to share truth to power, influence 'resistors' and present to high status groups or individuals.

The language of project working is the fourth of a new Series of bi-monthly facilitated evening workshops on QUBE for the major projects community.
The sessions are designed to encourage you to take away some insight you can use – a technique, an example, a sense of how others do things or simply a confirmation of your own intuitive approach. The sessions will also help you build and extend your professional network as well as develop your skills on collaborating and co-working in a virtual environment.
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