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16th - 17th September 2019

Annual Conference: The Future of Major Projects - Trying harder to deliver breakthrough outcomes in a sustainable way

Annual Conference

Latimer Conference Centre, Chesham, Latimer Place, Latimer, Chesham, Buckinghamshire HP5 1UG

Our current economic model based on the assumption of unlimited access to natural resources and driven by short-term profit, high consumption, and high waste generation is not sustainable. Consumers are seeking rapid changes (Blue Planet 2 effect) and adapting their buying habits; new legislation is taking effect promoting sustainable business models; state-of-the-art technological innovation is emerging delivering breakthrough sustainable impact; and investment institutions like Black Rock are now stating that for companies to receive their support and funding not only do they need to be profitable but also sustainable and bring good to society.

There is an expectation and a demand for Major Projects to become sustainable, we need to press harder, faster and more radically to respond and demonstrate that we are embracing this.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals set out what the world needs by 2030. These should not be seen as a cost to businesses but rather viewed as the “order book for the future” and are estimated to generate business opportunities in excess of $12 trillion p.a. It is now proven that organisations which are sustainable are more profitable and innovative. Major Projects play an essential part in delivering the changes required and are best placed to leverage the opportunities the SDGs and the Circular economy have to offer.

This conference will examine whether the Association membership could strive harder and more radically to embrace the biggest challenge of our time, the environment, and leverage the financial, societal and environmental opportunities it brings.

This conference will cover: (Radical and faster)
• The SDGs: understanding the case for change and how best to leverage the business opportunities it generates, with real case studies examples
• Culture change & behaviour: which competencies and skills would organisations need to drive sustainable major projects?
• How major projects can unlock significant economic value and reduce environmental impact by applying the circular economy principles
• How to deliver sustainable major projects through their lifecycle: from the original business case, to projects’ finance, to use of resources, to collaboration across the value chain, and closure.
• How to bring Sustainability at the heart of Innovation and deliver breakthrough impact

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