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14th November 2019 at 9:45 am

Social inclusion in major projects

Case Study Seminar

Etc. Venues/ Manchester

In a period when austerity and Brexit have highlighted the social divide in our country, the need for an approach to major projects that puts social inclusion at the core of what we do has never seemed more relevant.

If the pot of money is smaller but the need to bring people together is greater we must look closely at how we deliver value to our clients, engage with stakeholders and serve the society and communities who are the ultimate beneficiaries of our labours.

But do all players in the sector really understand what social inclusion means and how to realise social value on our projects? This seminar aims to bring together companies at all points on the social inclusion learning curve to learn from each other through knowledge sharing and networking to drive a more proactive and informed approach to social inclusion in the major projects sector.

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