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8th September 2020 at 9:30 am

From good to great - the importance of behaviour

Full Day Seminar

Church House Conference Centre, London, Deans Yard, London, SW1P 3NZ


Many of the biggest risks and opportunities for major projects have their roots in behaviour. Unfortunately, there is a long history of poor behaviour undermining successful delivery. Goals posts are moved, unrealistic expectations are accepted in the hope that something will get sorted, partner pursue selfish advantage at the expense of the project. Thankfully there are also plenty of examples where good behaviour has created an environment where all partners can succeed together, and problems are identified and dealt with.
This seminar will explore the role of key individuals in establishing a positive environment and the behavioural challenges that emerge at different stages of the project lifecycle performance. We will hear from experts whose insights stretch beyond traditional projects disciplines to embrace politics, organisational behaviour, psychology and much more.
Subjects covered will include:
• Shared Purpose: Aligning the project eco-system to a shared purpose
• Organisational Design: Establishing organisation, structure and controls that cement positive behaviour
• Challenging poor behaviour: Identifying and constructively challenging selfish or destructive behaviours.
• Sustaining good behaviour: How to maintain behavioural standards through the long life of a major project
• Data: Using data and analytics to support establishing and sustaining a positive environment.

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