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9th July 2020 at 12:00 pm

Flow of investment capital into (and out of) UK major projects

Half Day Seminar

Etc. Venues/ Manchester

Public spending on major projects to improve infrastructure, support public services, upgrade communications and transform organisations is struggling to keep pace with investment need, not just in the UK but worldwide. At the same time the world has experienced some game changing political developments, market turbulence and persistent low oil prices leading to uncertainty affecting investor sentiment. Despite this, and in some cases because of this, investors are seeking new opportunities for putting their capital to work.

This seminar will cover:
- Who are the buyers and sellers and why are they doing so?
- Who are the key intermediaries of these flows?
- What are the forms of intermediation between the ultimate principles and the developers of new greenfield projects?
- How does UK infrastructure look from abroad in the context of the regulator and political risks?

Date to be confirmed

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