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25th June 2020 at 8:50 am

Major Projects Simulator

Major Projects Simulator Workshop

This is a virtual event

This is an exciting opportunity for individuals, organised in competing teams, to manage and "live" a complex project in the safety of a virtual simulated environment. It enables participants to work on a project from start to finish; to make critical decisions and to see the impact of those decisions – all in a virtual team. The experience focuses on how to build a football stadium, by making decisions, engaging with stakeholders, using effective communication skills and managing teams. Virtual teams compete to achieve the best result by getting it built on time, on budget and to quality. It is aimed at delegates with at least two years of project management experience.

We are delivering this event virtually instead of in person due to the restrictions placed upon all of us by the COVID-19 pandemic. The workshop will be facilitated via Zoom using the conference call facility and breakout rooms. We will create cross-sectoral teams one week in advance of the event to enable teams to introduce themselves and to discuss the pre-reading.

We have reduced the price of this event to acknowledge that these are difficult times when cashflow is difficult to predict but when staff still have professional development needs.

The cost of this event is £150 per person and can be paid by credit card. For more information contact Ashleigh Walsh via

This event is not bookable online
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