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18th June 2020

QUBE@Work - Intelligent Disobedience

Online Knowledge Hub Event

Those who rely on guide dogs to navigate the world – the blind or deaf – are familiar with the concept of intelligent disobedience, in fact their comfort and safety depends up on it. They will instruct their dog to walk them through busy streets or navigate busy public transport systems but to refuse to walk when faced with oncoming traffic or some other hazard that might threaten their owner.
Project managers might be seen as the guide dogs of the delivery world. Their job is to take the project forward towards its conclusion but, increasingly, we also rely on them to practise intelligent disobedience; to diverge from what was planned or push back on what is being requested when they feel something is wrong, either with the intent, the project or the external environment. By its very nature, this disobedience is unplanned and unplannable. How can the project manager judge when disobedience is required and how can the organization judge their actions?
During this QUBE@Work session, we’ll introduce the concept of intelligent disobedience and then use one of the PETs (Performance Enhancement Tools) to co-create a set of ground rules for intelligent disobedience; criteria that might be used both in deciding whether to obey or disobey and in assessing the project managers behaviour when they do diverge from the planned path. To register click here. Click here to view full flyer
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