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6th November 2013

Organisational Project management and Project Governance - when do different models work?

Full Day Seminar

No. 4 Hamilton Place, London, W1J 7BQ

Key Conclusions


  • Implement the strategy and track performance with metrics.
  • Be open to different approaches when adopting change programmes – refine and improve.
  • Invest in your organisation’s capabilities to support change.
  • In running a change programme, strong governance is key to success.
  • Focus on the integration point between projects and the ‘business as usual’ environment.
  • Investment in programme and project management approaches and people will not, by itself, deliver greater success in the delivery of an organisation’s projects.


  • Embrace a new language for delivery.
  • Benchmarking is important – it allows comparison of efficiency and effectiveness between business entities and drive improvement.
  • Mature, specialised competence frameworks are required for business winning, and planning and controls disciplines.
  • Cultivate competence in the different ways of working and integrate methodologies.
  • In Component Business Modelling, focus on the service, not the role, standardise common tasks and understand the touch points.


  • Appoint and invest in change leaders.
  • Make sure the style of leadership has energy and creates clarity of vision.
  • Make sure the leadership is trusted at all levels and pulls the whole enterprise together.
  • Build a strong team spirit.
  • Motivate the supply chain to pull in the same direction and inspire people to make a discretionary effort should it be necessary.


  • Communicate, communicate and communicate.
  • Engage the practitioner communities in every area, at every level and every opportunity.
  • Common foundations are a key prerequisite – they can only be developed and sustained with full stakeholder engagement, particularly from sponsors and practitioners.