6th June 2019

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Lessons learned report

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The NATO Lessons Learned Process with Regard to the Integration of Gender Perspectives


Lessons from NATO missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo have emphasized the need to incorporate a gender perspective consistently at the tactical, operational and also strategic levels. They led to the implementation of process-related and structural changes (such as creation of GENAD position, or the inclusion of the topic in education initiatives and exercises).

The JALLC is NATO’s lead agent for Lessons learned, a centre dedicated to support Alliance-wide implementation and sustainment of NATO’s Lessons Learned policy through monitoringand supervising the NATO lessons learned process within the NATO Command structure and other NATO bodies. It is the lead agent for the collection and sharing of lessons, accomplished through active portal content management of the NATO Lessons Learned Portal, lessons learned analysis and outreach to allies and partners. The JALLC trains, advises and conducts assess activities enabling the establishment and sustainment of effective lessons learned capabilities across NATO.