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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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Gender Balance Events

This is a listing of the Gender Balance events.  They offer links to reports when available   


15th May 2019

Embracing diversity - managing people who don't look like you

Church House Conference Centre, London

Those of you who watch SAS Who Dares Wins on Channel 4 will have noticed that this year, for the first time, they have allowed women to take part in the military selection reality show. Star of the show – Director of Staff – Ant Middleton here to read more >>>


17th October 2018


Institution of Civil Engineers, London

Major projects are risky places to work. Engineering, construction and defence projects always include physical risks, which can be magnified by the location of the site. Our understanding of the psychological impact of stress on an employee here to read more >>>


17th October 2017

Women in Major Project Leadership


The Major Projects Association has long maintained that there are a disproportionate number of women involved in the initiation and delivery of major projects. This is even more stark as you scale the heights of leadership. Fewer than 20% of here to read more >>>


13th July 2016

Gender Balance - the retention and promotion challenge


Client organisations such as HS2 are beginning to see Equality Diversity and Inclusion as critical in their evaluation of tenders. And Gender Balance is a critical part of this. The need to recruit, retain and promote women is no longer a “nice here to read more >>>

3rd June 2016

Unconscious Bias - how to understand and challenge it

Mott MacDonald

We all have biases; it is the natural way in which our brains help us to sort through the overload of stimulus we are exposed to everyday. However, the quick-think processes of our unconscious brain can mean we do not always make objective and here to read more >>>

25th May 2016

Gender Balance - 3 things that work

PWC - 7 More London

We are delighted to be able to hear "what works" from three major projects companies - HS2, Royal Mail Group and PWC. We have asked each company to tell the story of what they did and to bring along a beneficiary of the policy or practice to here to read more >>>

9th March 2016

Gender pay gap reporting - what does this mean?

Clyde & Co

One of the most publicised employment related issues for 2016 is undoubtedly the proposed requirement for large employers to publish information showing the pay of male and female employees in their organisation. In February the Government issued here to read more >>>

1st February 2016

Understanding your starting point - how to improve Gender Balance

Clyde & Co

In order to improve the Gender Balance of your organisation you need to know your starting point. As well as understanding the numbers it is also important to appreciate the culture of your organistion and the pressures upon both men and women here to read more >>>


5th November 2015

How to achieve better Gender Balance in Major Projects

Church House Conference Centre, London

At MPA we have witnessed little change in the proportion of women involved in the initiation and delivery of major projects in the past decade - particularly in senior roles. There is an enormous amount of research which proves that more women in here to read more >>>

5th November 2015

Men and Women - Equal or Different?

Church House Conference Centre, London

The topic of gender balance in major projects is one which is exercising many of our leaders. This evening debate, chaired by Simon Kirby, aims to unpick an age old question - do we achieve equality by treating men and women the same, or here to read more >>>

9th September 2015

Gender Balance in Major Projects - Discussion Dinner

No. 4 Hamilton Place

There is considerable research, from the Davis Report in 2011 to McKinsey's resent work in 2015, which demonstrates that greater gender balance in companies and teams leads to better decision making and a better bottom line. Conversations with here to read more >>>

Non MPA events


Global Engineering Congress

22 - 26 October 2018

The G.E.C. brings together the worldwide community to look at how to trigger real change a large part of the programme for the week looks at the impact of improving diversity within Engineering.