29th October 2019



Good project managers CAN demand more …

As projects grow in complexity and ambition, learn more about the importance of the people-side of project management roles.

About this webinar

kimson-doan-AZMmUy2qL6A-unsplashDo you feel the need to demand more from your team and your leadership ? Our interactive webinar will focus on how to become the right people leader around your projects.

We will show you the human side of managing projects and programmes.

You will get insights into..

  • Empathy – understanding what makes key stakeholders tick
  • Using peripheral tools – humour, stories, visualisation
  • Constructive challenge – being assertive
  • Reacting more slowly to emotional communications
  • Allowing other people to own your ideas

Join for this interactive one of a kind webinar to help develop your human side around your projects and help achieve buy-in from your team.

Date: 5th December at 12.30-13.30 GMT

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