Why join us

The Major Projects Association cuts across every business sector and every type of major project including manufacturing, defence, IT, infrastructure, engineering, construction and business change. Membership of the Association provides networking opportunities at the highest level to develop and disseminate better practice in initiating and carrying out major projects.   ​

It is run exclusively by its members and is paid for by means of a single annual membership subscription, which covers the cost of attendance at most of our events and programmes. ​

Each year a number of events are held – most of these are confidential problem solving seminars on current important topics selected by the members. All seminars are written up in detail and the resulting confidential seminar reports are made available to members via our website.  ​

Our Professional Development Programme offers opportunities for people at different points in their career to learn more about the particular challenges of working on major projects. ​

I never cease to be impressed by the activities and value of the Major Projects Association. With an increasingly wide range of topics covered throughout the year through seminars, workshops and courses it is easy to see why corporate members and individuals remain committed and enthusiastic. At the seminars and conferences I personally find the willingness of people to discuss the issues of the day so openly to be very helpful – I am sure that the insights that we all get from each other’s industries and situations is one of the reasons why people of such high calibre keep coming back for more! As a forum for sharing lessons and learning from each other, the Association is an extraordinarily useful (and good value) resource to help improve project performance across the UK, and I know that the team are committed to maintaining the high quality of what they do for us all.

Andy Mitchell, Chief Executive, Thames Tideway Tunnel Ltd

How to join the Major Projects Association

Member organisations pay an annual subscription which is the principal source of income for the Association.

The subscription rates from 1st August are:

Full membership – £8,500 plus VAT
Academic membership – £1,135 plus VAT (for recognised academic institutions)
Corresponding membership – £3,405 plus VAT* (for organisations based outside the UK)

There are no charges for attendance at any of the Association’s core programme of events. In this way, individuals are spared the need to authorise expenditure for each event and to make multiple payments. Having paid their subscription, the only deterrent for member organisations from taking the fullest possible part in the events is the normal pressure on staff time.

If you would like to become a member of the Major Projects Association please complete the form below and we will contact you. If your organisation is already a member and you are looking to activate your account, you can do so here.

* where applicable