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Major Projects Association Event Highlights


Special Highlights: Lessons from COVID-19
What can our members learn from other sectors?
A whole system approach to major projects - end game thinking
Comparing and contrasting unique major projects with those that ...

Special Highlights: Resilience Shift
Social inclusion in major projects
Innovation and health and safety
Annual Conference: Embedding sustainability and the circular eco...
Assurance of major projects - what is Assurance and why do we ne...
Embracing diversity - managing people who don't look like you
Selecting the right contracting model for effective delivery of ...
Why do disputes happen in major projects? What can be done to av...
Evening Discussion Dinner: Lessons from Decommissioning
Can projects achieve benefits without really considering value a...
Will access to Big Data change the way we deliver major projects...
We believe that there is an over-reliance on tools, techniques a...
Managing urgent and emergency response projects
36th Annual Conference: Pulling together - building a common fut...
Knowledge Management
Project closure and operational readiness
How do SME's get involved in major projects?
Unlocking high performing potential in major projects
Workforce transformation - how should the industry respond to ch...
Global trends in client models in major projects
The changing digital world - how is this going to change the way...
Are we getting better at Project Initiation?
Developing the next generation of major project leaders
Women in Major Project Leadership
35th Annual Conference. Future proofing major projects - navigat...
Getting beyond the benefit cost ratio
Global trends in client models and industry insights
Projects and consents, flexibility vs. planning
Should mega-projects be treated as temporary organisations?
Does collaboration really drive value and efficiency in major pr...
Global trends in the private finance of major projects
Tried & tested vs innovation in major projects
Scoping transformational major projects to realise their full be...
Maximising Project Performance - the role of Project Controls in...
We learn more from our own failures than from the success of others
Portfolio management – can it really make a difference to impr...
UK Energy Approach to 2025 – getting major projects moving
Gender Balance - Majority Champions of Inclusion
Lifecycle risk management for major projects
34th Annual Conference, Major Project Initiation - making the ri...
Delivering high-performing assets breakfast meeting
Gender Balance - the retention and promotion challenge
Initiating and delivering Major Digital Projects
Unconscious Bias - how to understand and challenge it
Gender Balance - 3 things that work
Knowledge Management and Innovation in Major Projects: Data, Ins...
How will Generation X,Y (Millennials) change Major Projects?
Foreign Investment in the UK
Health, Welfare and Safety - a legal obligation or a moral imper...
Designing and Delivering Major Capital Projects
Gender pay gap reporting - what does this mean?
Productivity: working smarter not harder
Understanding your starting point - how to improve Gender Balance
Engaging with stakeholders on the benefits of major projects
Energy Sector Transformations for a Low Oil-price world
How to achieve better Gender Balance in Major Projects
Men and Women - Equal or Different?
Learning lessons from sports projects
33rd Annual Conference: Major Projects - Opportunities for a New...
Developing a Digital Strategy for Major Projects
Creating and sustaining a PMO - does one size fit all?
What are the implications of mergers and acquisitions for the de...
Determining and Delivering the Benefits of Major Projects
Collaboration - panacea or pipe dream?
Acquiring People Capability Cost Effectively
Heathrow T2: The Queen's Terminal - A lesson in Value and Sustai...
Climate adaptation and resilience – what does this mean fo...
32nd Annual Conference, Making Major Projects Bankable
Nuclear new build - Does the UK have the capability and capacity...
The Stress of Leadership - how and when do we intervene?
Leveraging global capability to deliver major projects
What is the true value of major projects?
Project Initiation - making the right start