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Major Projects Association Event Summaries (replaced by Highlights and Short reports)

Managing Sophisticated R&D projects (across the sectors)
Organisational Project management and Project Governance - when ...
Infrastructure Economy - Accelerating Major Projects
31st Annual Conference: A Successful Project Every Time
Lessons from a successful sector - UK Ports as an example
London Games - What Went Well?
Delivering Major Projects in Brazil
Developing Leaders for Major Projects - a global challenge acros...
Responding to the National Infrastructure Plan: HS2 as a case study
Collaborative working on Major Projects
Are we any good at Project Controls - what are the cross-sector ...
Are Carbon Neutral Projects Achievable
30th Annual Conference - Choosing the right delivery model
Delivering Public Projects - What is best practice?
Innovation - Taking a balanced view on the opportunity
The Digital World and Major Projects - what will be different?
Global Cities - opportunities and challenges for major projects
Disaster Planning, Crisis Management and Recovery
Thames Tunnel - From Lessons to Planning
What makes an Intelligent Client?
London Games - From Construction to Commissioning
29th Annual Conference. The Productivity Challenge for Transform...
The challenges of delivering renewable energy projects - using e...
The regulated project - delivering in regulated industries
Crossrail - lessons for initiating large public sector projects
Identify and manage project success
All Change at King's Cross - Urban Renewal and Transport Improve...
Waste - opportunities and best practice
28th Annual Conference - Project Personality Matters
Mobilising Global Resources to deliver major projects
Driving the UKs Motorways to success
London Games - gold medal project delivery
Supply Chain Management - benefits for all
Governance and Risk - being wise before the event
Innovation in the Management of Major Projects
Managing Government as the Client
The changing faces of Procurement
27th Annual Conference, Sustaining the UK's Energy - prepari...
Success is "soft" people skills
Power Generation in a Developing Economy - an international expe...
Managing Complexity in Major Projects
The Planning Act 2008
The Future of Major Projects
Beyond the London Games
The Investor, the Board and Major Projects
26th Annual Conference - Regenerating London - examples from maj...
The Private Delivery of Public Services
Testing and Commissioning
Britain needs the best Project Managers: Where will they come f...
Sustainability, Climate Change And Carbon Footprint
Delivering High speed 1: The Successes and the Lessons
The Growing influence of IT on major projects
The Importance of Starting Well
T5 Case Study Seminar
25th Annual Conference - The Impact of Contracts on Project Beha...
Nuclear Decommissioning Moves Ahead
Is The Secret of Successful Projects in The Management of Design...
Benefits Management and the Business Case
Managing The Resource Gap
The Application of Technology in Managing Demand
Management Styles and Leadership
Learning Lessons from Completed Projects
Rethinking Project Management
24th Annual Conference - Making Project Risk Management Work
The London Games - Managing Delivery
Managing Dispersed Project Teams
Corruption - Damage, Risk and Prevention
Managing Changes in Projects
A New Generation of Nuclear Power Stations - Are we Ready?
How can MPA Member Organisations Make Better Use of UK Academic ...
Change Management
23rd Annual Conference - Sensible clients get sensible projects
Corporate Responsibility
Risk transfer and allocation in PFI / PPP projects
Stakeholder Management
Lessons from a Major IT Project
The International Market Now
The Project Manager's Tool Kit - Time to Move on?
Managing Joint Ventures and Alliances
22nd Annual Conference - Developing the People Resource
Financial Management in Major Project Businesses
The Channel Tunnel Rail Link
Strategic Planning of Major Projects
Major Project in a Volatile Environment: Lessons from the Teleco...
Learning from Project Failures
21st Annual Conference - PFI/PPP Projects - are they Working?
The Management of Unexpected Projects
Cleaning up the UK
Lessons from High Technology Development Projects
Bringing Change to a Dynamic Business: The BBC Property Outsourc...
Creating a Workforce Fit to Deliver Major Projects
20th Annual Conference - The Management of Change
Supply-Chain Management
The Americans and the French: Do They Do It Better?
Systems Integration for Major Projects
Canary Wharf
19th Annual Conference - Setting Objectives and Understanding th...
Transfer of Project Management Competence within and Across Orga...
Effective Teams for Complex Projects
Hong Kong International Airport
The Impact of E-Commerce
The Smart Procurement Initiative - "Faster, Cheaper, Better"
The Jubilee Line Extension
18th Annual Conference - The Client/Designer Interface
Strategic Use of insurance in Complex Projects
Project Recovery - Breaking the Cycle of Failure
The Newbury Bypass
Major Projects in a Changing Financial World
Managing High Technology and Innovative Projects
The Channel Tunnel Rail Link