6th November 2018


Digital Scrapbook

Learning from Others to Improve Performance

Welcome to this second page of the Association for Project Management Scrapbook on Professionalism which explores the theme of learning from others to improve performance.

Ongoing learning and development from peers is very important in the context of project management; an activity that involves individuals working together, often across organizational boundaries, to achieve something that is innovative.

Learning from others to improve performance

In that context of the social learning and improved capability and performance, let’s explore a selection of personal stories from corporate and academic members of the Association for Project Management whose professional capability has been recognised by APM.

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Dana Raileanu

Fiona Spencer

Muhammad Moqarrab Abbas Raza

Damian Cleveland

Bryn Macefield

Ian Hunneybell

Alison Davies

Coming next month: Giving Back to the Profession

Tapping into the huge resources of the Association for Project Management volunteer community and exploring different ways to share skills, expertise and make a difference.

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