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Why COVID-19 offers a real opportunity to accelerate transition towards urban sustainability in the UK
4th June 2021
At a recent Major Project Association Sustainability webinar in association […]
Don't let's ever fall into the trap of thinking 'job done'!
3rd June 2021
I don’t think it is a project management thing – […]
Are the digital solutions we want to implement brain friendly?
20th May 2021
How to help create rewarding and safe approaches to change […]
Achieving Sustainability in Architectural Design
14th May 2021
This 90 second soundbite from Dr Asif Din, Sustainability Director […]
08338_BS_MBD_Sustainability divider slides_Standard_PPT_V16
Funding the Energy Transition: how will projects be supported and financed?
13th May 2021
The UK Government promises to ‘Build Back Better’ and deliver […]
What's most important in levelling up
Just what does success look like for the Levelling Up Agenda?
6th May 2021
The series of events the Association has run on the […]
Generating the Big Picture of benefits delivery
4th May 2021
Welcome to the last of our series exploring Benefits Management […]
Benefits Management 3.0 - measuring and integrating benefits realization management
22nd April 2021
Welcome to the third in a four-part series exploring Benefits […]
We need a rethink to urban planning that is as radical as that of Baron Haussmann
21st April 2021
“The underground galleries are an organ of the great city, […]
Energy Transition and Project Execution: Is it All Green Lights from Here?
20th April 2021
The global shift towards renewable energy has brought about significant […]
One shared idea may not change the world but a shared behaviour just might...
15th April 2021
As project managers, you may subscribe to the idea that actions […]
Benefits map
How to Manage Benefits in a Virtual World
15th April 2021
Welcome to the second in a four-part series exploring Benefits […]
From paramedics to a full-blown health system
14th April 2021
During the recent Roundtable (March 29th, Realising Social and Economic […]
Benefits Management
The Scope of Benefits Realisation Management
8th April 2021
Welcome to the first in a four-part series exploring Benefits […]
Delivering Net Zero
Delivering Net Zero
6th April 2021
Key members of the Major Projects Association Sustainability Ambassadors network […]
The Use Case for Project Analytics
1st April 2021
In this final article of the Project Analytics series, now […]
Can Energy Transition Herald a Different Approach to Project Structures and Risk?
31st March 2021
This is one of an occasional series of blogs from […]
Project Sponsorship 'must consult' resources
31st March 2021
To support the new Project Sponsorship network that now has […]
The Four Phases of a Project Analytics Roadmap
25th March 2021
In this article, we continue our discussion into the process […]
What's next in the Major Projects Association Events Calendar?
24th March 2021
Find out what's coming up next in the Major Projects Association Programme of Events 2021.
Major Projects Procurement: High Time for a Change of Tune?
24th March 2021
To coincide with our Association event Procuring for Broader Social […]
Real Lessons from a Simulated Project
22nd March 2021
Major Projects Association has had to learn to translate things […]
How to implement a data engineering strategy for your Project Analytics initiative
18th March 2021
In this third article of our Project Analytics series, we […]
Project Analytics - getting to know your data
11th March 2021
Welcome to part 2 of our 4 part series exploring […]
Choose to Challenge #IWD2021
8th March 2021
International Women’s day should be a day to celebrate the […]
The Evolution of Project Analytics
4th March 2021
Welcome to the first in a four-part series examining the […]
If you don't know what good looks like ... then benchmarking is always going to be a struggle!
3rd March 2021
To coincide with our Association event on 17th March on […]
Member focus
3rd March 2021
The Major Projects Association is nothing without it’s members – […]
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What the slow food movement can teach us about Major Projects
1st March 2021
Over the three months of November, December and January, the […]
People getting things done
26th February 2021
This is the last or our weekly blogs throughout February […]
Ensuring psychological safety is just as important as keeping people physically safe
18th February 2021
At the heart of our conference on Emotional Intelligence was […]
The Vulnerable Leader
12th February 2021
The idea of using Emotional Intelligence as the theme for […]
Ed Merrow Benchmarking
Reimagining Capital Projects
10th February 2021
In the run up to our half-day seminar on 17th […]
The power of storytelling
3rd February 2021
We recently published our “How to” guide on the importance […]
Learning to Lead in Major Projects
21st January 2021
Today, 21st January 2021, we held a virtual breakfast session […]
The value of nothing
21st January 2021
For the third in series of blog posts in January, […]
Construction, like life, is full of options (if only we can recognise them)
14th January 2021
For the second in series of blog posts in January, […]
Sustainability: It's what you do, how you do it and how you are seen to do it
7th January 2021
For the first series of blog posts in January, I […]
ICE Infrastructure Report
A Systems Approach to Infrastructure Delivery – An Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Review
4th January 2021
The current approach to delivering complex infrastructure projects is facing […]
Carbon Footprint (002)
Energy Transition: The Political and Legal Framework
4th December 2020
This month we welcome a team from Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer […]
Disability - diversity, innovation and resilience
3rd December 2020
Today, on International day of people with disabilities, I am […]
Sustainability: the foggiest project of all
27th November 2020
This is the final blog in our series inspired by […]
How we deliver projects more sustainably ... at least that's the plan
12th November 2020
This is the second in our series of blogs that […]
2021 Events Update
11th November 2020
An update on the first 6 months of 2021 events.
Tomorrow's railway ... today
5th November 2020
In support of our current theme of radical uncertainty, Julian […]
Working out how to work sustainably
5th November 2020
It seems a lifetime ago that the Association membership came […]
In celebration of international project management day!
30th October 2020
Thursday 5th November 2020 is international project management day and […]
An anti‒fragile rail system?
29th October 2020
In support of our current theme of radical uncertainty, Julian […]
What if we all started working from home? Some thoughts on anti‒fragility and the rail network
19th October 2020
In support of our current theme of radical uncertainty, Julian […]
Is your major project inadvertently excluding people?
12th October 2020
Inclusive design is often treated as a compliance or box-ticking […]
Does your level of Emotional Intelligence help you to manage stress?
9th October 2020
To coincide with our Annual Conference on the theme of […]
Ambition for Project Data Analytics to deliver a 10 fold performance improvement in 5 years
7th October 2020
The Major Projects Association supports the newly formed Project Data Analytics Task Force. The Task Force has thrown down a gauntlet to use data analytics to tackle poor project performance. To find out why and how you can get involved, read on.
Webinar delivery
Reinventing webinars: Tips and Tricks for Online Meeting Design and Delivery
2nd October 2020
Reinventing webinars_ tips & tricks for online meeting design and […]
Do you use your Emotional Intelligence effectively to build relationships and make sound decisions?
1st October 2020
To coincide with our Annual Conference on the theme of […]
Are you using your Emotional Intelligence to Express Yourself?
24th September 2020
To coincide with our Annual Conference on the theme of […]
Coming next in our annual conference fringe
20th September 2020
We launched our innovative Conference Fringe last week, immediately following […]
My Sparq Mandala
One week into a revolutionary conference!
20th September 2020
I need to be careful not to overstate what we […]
Are you an emotionally effective project manager?
17th September 2020
To coincide with our Annual Conference on the theme of […]
Digitise or die?
7th September 2020
Take part in the Bentley Systems “State of the Nation” […]
Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but foresight is better!
30th August 2020
Thus far on our Path to Enlightenment (and Desired Outcomes), […]
New road ahead! Guest Blog by Tom Jarman
26th August 2020
Over the next four weeks, Tom Jarman will be talking […]
Procuring for value. Guest blog by Tom Jarman
26th August 2020
In January 2020, Tom Jarman gave a talk at the […]
Does construction have the foundations for fundamental change? Guest blog by Tom Jarman
26th August 2020
This is the third in Tom Jarman’s series of 4 […]
Client Leadership - Guest Blog by Tom Jarman
26th August 2020
This is Tom Jarman’s fourth and final blog in this […]
Emotional Intelligence Unbound at the Annual Conference Fringe
25th August 2020
a programme of fringe events; a variety of events and activities all linked closely to the emotional intelligence theme of the main programme.
What's been the real impact of the Covid 19 Lockdown on the behaviour of people in projects?
25th August 2020
As part of 2020's annual Major Projects Association conference, we've teamed up with Lumina Learning to undertake a short research project to understand how Lockdown has changed people's personality
The horse’s arse and the space shuttle
21st August 2020
So far on Alexandra Chapman’s Path to Enlightenment (and Desired […]
Lessons from Lockdown: Construction and Covid-19
18th August 2020
The Major Projects Association convened a virtual roundtable discussion about […]
Turnkey Projects aka ‘The Big Explosion’
14th August 2020
In The Path to Enlightenment (and Desired Outcomes), Alexandra Chapman […]
Lessons from Lockdown: Review
12th August 2020
In April of this year, as the lockdown was in […]
The Path to Enlightenment (and Desired Outcomes)
6th August 2020
This month's Guest Blogger is Alexandra Chapman of Totally OptimizedProjects. She'll be exploring different ways of looking at your projects to optimize the outcomes and she kicks off with a piece that looks at project mental models.
Lessons from Lockdown: Lockdown through the lens of EDI
5th August 2020
In the latest in our series of posts called Lessons […]
Lessons from Lockdown: the psychodynamics of being 'on the call'
4th August 2020
Many people now have to meet virtually. It’s not as rich an experience as meeting in the flesh, but there are plenty of things you can do to optimise your experience, detect what is really going on and make more of an impact.
Lessons from Lockdown - How to See Opportunities in Threats
30th July 2020
Our continuing weekly blog series of insights and reflections, Lessons […]
Lessons from Lockdown - Influencing at a Distance
30th July 2020
In our continued series of weekly blogs sharing Lessons from […]
Lessons from Lockdown - Risk and Decision Making During Deep Disruption
30th July 2020
We continue our weekly series of Guest webinars from a […]
Lessons from Lockdown - Behaviour and Mindsets
30th July 2020
In our continuing weekly blog series, Lessons from Lockdown, created […]
Lessons from Lockdown - a Revolution in Creativity and Innovation
30th July 2020
Continuing our weekly series of posts on the theme of […]
Lessons from Lockdown - Resilience
30th July 2020
Continuing our weekly series of posts on the theme of […]
Lessons from Lockdown - Collaboration
30th July 2020
In the second of their emerging series of blogs, Sarah […]
Lessons from Lockdown - Introduction
30th July 2020
Today we are opening a weekly series of Guest blog […]
Character Strengths in You - Pathways to Peak Performance Pt 1
30th July 2020
In her July series as our Guest Blogger, Ruth Pearce […]
Character Strengths in the Team - Pathways to Peak Performance Pt 2
30th July 2020
In the second in her series of guest blog posts […]
Goal Setting with Strengths - Pathways to Peak Performance Pt 3
30th July 2020
In this, the third in a series of blog posts […]
Navigating Change with Strengths
30th July 2020
In recent group coaching sessions, we often hear that people are “not experiencing anything different than usual”. They regularly or habitually work from home. It is “just the same”. When we pause and think about the truth of that statement, we are often surprised, and it turns out that the only thing that seems the same is the idea of working from home.
Character Strengths in Adversity - Pathways to Peak Performance Pt5
30th July 2020
Ruth Pearce completes this initial exploration of what character strengths are, how they show up - for you – how they show up in others. Today she enables you to practice strengths spotting AND developing a practice of spotting strengths in others.
Enlightened leadership, trust and conditions enabling innovation
26th March 2020
  The technology underlying a lot of the standardisation and […]
Automation for the People
19th March 2020
  So far in this series I’ve discussed two facets […]
The Quest for Standardization in Infrastructure Construction
11th March 2020
One of the great hopes for transforming construction, the UK […]
The Vision for Technology
5th March 2020
The goal of infrastructure construction projects in the UK is […]
The Head of the Disciplinary Committee: A lesson in stakeholder management
5th March 2020
For his final post as our February Guest Blogger, John […]
The Project Safety Announcement
27th February 2020
John Chapman’s fourth blog post offers an analogy for the […]
Fight Director or Peacemaker?
20th February 2020
In the third of his series of blog posts, John […]
The Chief Provocation Officer
13th February 2020
In the second of his posts as our February Guest […]
Are Project Managers Anarchists and Punk Rockers in disguise?
6th February 2020
Our February Guest Blogger, John Chapman of Touchstone FMS Ltd […]
Where the hell is Wally, when your project needs him?
6th February 2020
Projects are driven by precedent, which is ironic given they […]
Let's talk about what's happening
8th January 2020
In any major project, you’re likely to be unsure about […]
What if you were going to the Moon?
2nd January 2020
  It’s easy to dismiss some of the greatest projects […]
Major Projects Knowledge Hub Social Rhythm
30th December 2019
Knowledge has little value until it’s shared! And we use […]
Why Collaboration is the Future of Work and What This Means For Designers Going Forward
22nd November 2019
In this wide-ranging interview for the Adobe blog, Sheena Lyonnais […]
Unlock the Benefits of Going Digital in Construction
14th November 2019
It’s time for construction to take the 21st century Turing […]
How can BIM prepare projects for big data analytics?
1st November 2019
The final in the series of blog posts from LogiKal […]
What organisational changes are required to maximise the use of big data within project controls?
25th October 2019
The fourth in the series of blog posts from LogiKal […]
Where is big data emerging on major projects?
18th October 2019
The third in the series of blog posts from LogiKal […]
5 Steps for Applying Big Data to Project Controls
10th October 2019
The second in the October series of blog posts from […]
Understanding Big Data and the Opportunities for Major Projects
2nd October 2019
The first of a series of blogs from LogiKal Projects […]
Revenue and Endurance
27th September 2019
In the fourth in his series on Investment Analysis, Tim […]
Eight great guest bloggers since the end of 2018
25th September 2019
We launched our monthly guest blogs at the end of […]
The elements of SCORE that underpin investment analysis
20th September 2019
In the third in his series on Investment Analysis, Tim […]
The cash flow model and investment metrics
12th September 2019
In the second in his series on Investment Analysis, Tim […]
Investment analysis for project and engineering managers
5th September 2019
In the first in his series on Investment Analysis, Tim […]
Learning new rules almost always involves unlearning the old ones
28th August 2019
“For managers bogged down with operational problems, recognising patterns in […]
What if you focused on the 'day after tomorrow'?
21st August 2019
If you are focusing on tomorrow, you may be tempted […]
James Bond only ever exists in fiction (not on projects)!
14th August 2019
You remember that scene. You must have seen it a […]
Why would anyone want to share their project data?
7th August 2019
Fair question! To many of you, sharing project data may […]
10 Actions You Can Take Now
23rd July 2019
In the last of their series on Responsible Project Management, […]
A Manifesto for Responsible Project Management
20th July 2019
This is the third in a series of four blogs […]
What is Responsible Project Management?
15th July 2019
In the second of their series on Responsible Project Management, […]
Why Responsible Project Management is Overdue
6th July 2019
In the first of their series on Responsible Project Management, […]
Benchmarking Infrastructure
28th June 2019
This is the fourth part of Tim Podesta’s blog series […]
Benchmarking on Major Gas Pipeline Projects
21st June 2019
This is the third part of Tim Podesta’s blog series […]
Benchmarking Project Practices
14th June 2019
This is the second part of Tim Podesta’s blog series […]
Leaders Listen
12th June 2019
Listening is one of the most difficult of the hundreds […]
The art and science of benchmarking
7th June 2019
In the first in his series on Benchmarking, Tim Podesta […]
Getting People to Talk
5th June 2019
With all the noise today, it might seem odd to […]
Replacing Blame with Accountability
22nd May 2019
Blame is powerful. One act of blame destroys years of […]
Honing Your Leadership Traits
15th May 2019
Should you be confident or humble, aware or focused, decisive […]
Leadership Strategies
8th May 2019
We are all leaders, and that has no bearing on […]
Governance - from ticking the box to data-informed decision-making
30th April 2019
In this series of blogs, Ruth Murray-Webster has reflected on […]
Thinking About the Whole, Not Just the Parts
18th April 2019
So far in this series of blogs for April our […]
What’s more risky? Not doing the deal or doing the wrong deal?
10th April 2019
In the first blog of this series, our April Guest […]
Creating value through M&A: not your ordinary major project?
3rd April 2019
Although the global number of, and value of deals to […]
Right Roles: Outcome Based Contracting at Sellafield
30th March 2019
A fresh approach to project delivery at Sellafield is unlocking […]
One Team Approach: Outcome Based Contracting at Sellafield
26th March 2019
Katherine Bew, Managing Director of the international built-environment consultancy, PCSG, […]
Aligned Outcomes
15th March 2019
In her third outing as our March Guest Blogger, Katherine […]
Shared Purpose Drives Performance: Outcome Based Contracting at Sellafield
7th March 2019
In her second post as our March guest blogger, Katherine […]
Knowledge Management at the Core
6th March 2019
A conference about collaboration and knowledge management which actually lives […]
Outcome Based Contracting at Sellafield
28th February 2019
Part 1: Setting the Scene A fresh approach to project […]
A conference designed for learning
22nd February 2019
This is the first of two guest blogs by Ana […]
Introducing Valueism: Value-focused Leadership
18th February 2019
This is the final part of a four-part series of […]
Introducing Valueism: Value for Whom?
1st February 2019
This is part-three of a four-part series of blogs by […]
Introducing Valueism: Value and Innovation
17th January 2019
This is part-two of a four-part series of blogs by […]
Value neonbrand-258972-unsplash
Introducing Valueism: Defining Value
7th January 2019
This is part-one of a four-part series of blogs by […]
Year in highlights
What does the Major Projects Association do and is your organization a member?
2nd January 2019
The Major Projects Association funds and delivers the Major Projects […]
Supply chain agence-olloweb-520953-unsplash
Knowledge Management and the Supply Chain
20th December 2018
At NuGen we realised from the outset that managing supply […]
nformation and knowledge awpixel-652593-unsplash
Defining the Link Between Information Management and Knowledge Management
12th December 2018
Table 1: A Framework for Information and Knowledge Management One […]
Houses hugo-sousa-383214-unsplash
Finding the Best Home for Your Knowledge Management Function
4th December 2018
I am often asked ‘where is the best place to […]
Knowledge Management
Building Knowledge Management from the Ground Up
29th November 2018
Introduction How often do you get to build knowledge management […]
social conversation rawpixel-788592-unsplash
Please don't shout! It really won't get you heard.
22nd November 2018
One of the most significant ways in which social media […]
Musuem chris-nguyen-477762-unsplash
"The Museum is Open for Donations"
15th November 2018
Lee Mack’s phrase during the BBC Radio programme Museum of […]
social sharing rawpixel-658245-unsplash
Connect, share and contribute
7th November 2018
Social Sharing Within and Beyond the Firewall Knowledge sharing has […]
Houses of Parliament
Securing the Houses of Parliament for Future Generations
31st October 2018
The Palace of Westminster is the meeting place of the […]
Get organizational transformation right
27th September 2018
Build Organisational Capability and Accountability This blog is the third […]
The digital transformation flood is upon us
27th September 2018
Have you built your digital transformation ark? This blog is […]
Why care about major projects? ... because they matter
27th September 2018
  This blog is part of my Major Projects Matter series. […]