29th January 2019



MPKH Live: How do we define and measure the value of major projects beyond money?

Live Event, Monday 3rd June, 18.00-19.00 BST

How do we know that a project or the businesses behind it create value? And for whom are they creating it? Valueism seeks to recognise the value of major projects in new ways. It does not suggest businesses and organisations merely comply with societies rules and regulations, or take the view to do no damage is enough. Instead it suggests they must recognise that communities, society at large and future generations all have a vested interest – just as financial investors, customers, employees and others do. It must therefore also provide them with a positive return.

The Quaker Industrialists during the industrial revolution recognised they had a moral responsibility to fulfil a social contract. They built Social Capital in the form of model villages with housing, schools, hospitals, libraries and other infrastructure. And they shared value long-before it became a term Michael Porter started to use in a rather perverse way.

Perceptions of value underpin all activities within modern British society: the value of a life versus the cost of treatment in our Health Service; the value of infrastructure investment versus lower taxes or more public servants. How might new perceptions of value change our approach to major projects?

Major Projects Knowledge Hub Live brings together leading voices to share their views of how different some of our major projects sectors might look with a changed mindset on value and how we might implement this approach in practice; this if followed by a question and answer session for the audience and those following via webinar. The event

The Live event will be facilitated by Paul Barnett, Founder and CEO, Strategic Management Forum. and will be broadcast to all as a live webinar. At the end of the 30-40 minutes of perspectives from the panel, the live audience in the Bentley Systems Academy and the extended web-audience, will be invited to offer their own questions, observations and challenges to Paul and the co-presenters

Pre-event videos

Greg Lawton introduces the concept of value as ‘capability’ in complex projects

Paul Barnett shares a short introduction on the theme of valueism

Andy Wilkins shares a perspective on value for public health

Confirmed panellists

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