28th January 2019



MPKH Live: The Challenge of Decommissioning

Tuesday 30th April live in the Bentley Academy and online via simultaneous webinar.

Out of the chaos and destruction of World War II, the ambition and enthusiasm to build a new future fuelled megaprojects of all kinds: transport, engineering, aerospace and energy. This rush to build was encouraged by the all-consuming competition of the Cold War.

Over the intervening 70 years, whilst we have learned a great deal about how to innovate, scale up and construct the very largest of projects, we face a threatening legacy as increasing numbers of these projects reach their end of life.

The April 2018 Intergenerational Foundation Report on North Sea Decommissioning suggested that the costs of that process, if carried by the public purse, could amount to a staggering £80 billion.

Decommissioning projects are complex, long and expensive, and in the near future will raise more and more techno-socio-economic challenges that will necessitate complex decision-making tools.

How should the major projects industry respond to the challenge of decommissioning and how do the legacy requirements of mega-projects of all kinds change the approach we take to projects today and in the future?

MPKH Live in collaboration with Bentley Systems and the University of Leeds, Faculty of Engineering, will bring together a panel of experts to explore this challenge. Each of the panellists will have seven minutes to present their perspective on the questions raised above before we throw the event open for questions and feedback from the live audience in the Bentley Academy and the audience following the webinar on the internet.

Panel members announced so far:

Natalyn Ala, Strategy Director, Major Projects at Copper Consultancy

Win Thornton, VP Decommissioning at BP

Giorgio Locatelli, Professor, Infrastructure, Procurement and Management, University of Leeds


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