28th March 2020



Preparing for Projects in a Post-Pandemic World


Whilst we cannot predict exactly what will have changed during this extraordinary period of lock-down, there are some things we know:

  1. Many projects will be in need of some accelerated support to get them moving again, following the enforced standstill
  2. Many people’s attitude (and maybe our appetite) for risk will have changed. We may have a better understanding of strategic risk; we may be more or less risk-averse
  3. Our sense of value and cost is likely to have changed, in response to the economic impact
  4. Work processes will have changed for good with the enforced adoption of virtual collaboration, many of us will have learned new skills and adopted new habits

The series of weekly webinars organised by the Major Projects Knowledge Hub and the Association for Project Management offer an eclectic look at the what the world may require of our projects and of us, once organizations start to function with some degree of normalcy. We’ll be bringing you some of the most imaginative and engaging presenters, expertly facilitated by Merv Wyeth and Jonathan Norman and we will be using the Mentimeter engagement tool to provide as great a level of audience participation and dialogue as is possible.

Four themes

The four themes within which the series will be organized are:

Sense Making – understanding and adapting to the new world

Practical collaboration – techniques, technologies and behaviours to support collaboration and co-creating

Business mitigation – ways of mitigating the impact of the virus and the economic and social measures that accompany it

Well-being – how to adapt fast and keep sane in a world in turmoil

The dates and times for the programme:

Wednesday 8th April (12.30-13.30 BST) Ben ShenoyDiscovery-Led Decision Making for Wicked Times

Wednesday 15th April (12.00-13.00 BST) Phil DriverFraming Strategy during a Crisis

Friday 24th April (12.30-13.30 BST) Johnny Warström Listening Leadership – Engaging at the Coalface

Friday 1st May (12.30-13.30 BST) Understanding of Risk in a Post-Pandemic World

Friday 8th May (12.30-13.30 BST) Tony Llewellyn The Challenge of Managing Big Teams in High-Uncertainty

Friday 15th May (12.30-13.30 BST) Elmar Kutsch – Scenario Planning: Mindful foresight beyond the risk horizon

Friday 22nd May (12.30-13.20 BST) Louise Worsley – What the Pandemic Teaches Us About Working with Stakeholders

Friday 29th May (12.30-13.30 BST) Ruth Murray-Webster – Human Potential and Project Capability in a Crisis

Thursday 4th June (12.30-13.30) Donnie MacNicol – Project Leadership and the New World Order

Friday 12th June (12.30-13.30) Advocacy, Influencers and Partnerships


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