This would normally be delivered as a consecutive 5 day course. Due to the current pandemic, we have decided to run it as a 2 part programme. Part 1 being virtual and part 2 being physical. As a reflection of the current climate, we are offering this to members at a 50% discount for this year only. 

The Challenge of Major Projects is a unique one week programme offering a stimulating opportunity for all those confronting the demands of larger or more complex projects to explore the factors affecting success, rarely dealt with in formal programmes.

Special attention is given to studying the success and failure of projects from the different perspectives of owners, contractors and others. It particularly concentrates on pressures and tasks in the early phases of projects and studies policy and strategic issues for successful major project development. ​​

This highly-valued interactive programme has been running each year since 1986 and the programme is modified every year to maintain its relevance to current practice. 

The programme uses case studies based on real projects which have proved especially challenging to management, providing an opportunity to explore both the detailed workings as well as the basic principles of the initiation, management and delivery of major projects. 


This intensive programme is for those with some experience of larger projects and provides a broad view of the strategic issues involved in initiation and delivery of major projects. 

Experienced people working in defence, construction or information technology based projects, whether as promoters, government, financiers, lawyers, consultants, manufacturers, contractors or others 

Senior managers working in the feasibility, design and early implementation stages of projects 

Those financially responsible for their company’s involvement in major projects 

Those wishing to understand better the strategic issues of project definition, financial arrangements and organisation 

Lawyers with responsibilities for contractual arrangements who wish to know about other aspects of major projects  

“Overall the course is a must for those involved in projects. 

If anything, it is a good reminder of what we need to focus on and to catch up with initiatives in the industry at large. It is an excellent learning forum.” 

– CMP participant 2018 


The techniques used in the Challenge of Major Projects are varied but the underlying aims are simple: to draw on actual experience and expertise in the conduct of major projects as widely as possible, and to maintain active participation and collaboration from the delegates.  

Key components running through the week are:  

– How can the objectives, benefits and constraints of a project be best understood? 

– What are the different strategies available to realise them and how is the most appropriate one chosen? 

– How are projects and programmes best organised and controlled?  

The programme is highly interactive and intensive. Participants learn as much from each other as they do from the programme faculty. All sessions are led by eminent contributors from industry, commerce and academia. The programme draws on significant case studies and the experience of delegates themselves.  

Opportunities are provided for participants to present to their peers the projects that they are currently working on in order to share ideas and potential improvements.  

Here is the programme for how CMP would usually be delivered​ 2019 Programme

Here is the programme for how CMP is being delivered this year ​2021 Programme

How to attend 

We are now taking applications. 

Part 1 – Virtual, 5th & 6th May 2021

Part 2 – Physical, 28th – 30th June 2021

The virtual part of the course is taking place on 5th & 6th May and the physical part will be starting with an evening dinner and guest speaker on the 28th June  and finishing on the 30th June at Bicester Golf Hotel and Spa, Oxfordshire.


We have massively discounted the price for CMP for this year only due to the current circumstances​. The price shown below is 50% off the usual cost.

£2,400 for member organisations
£4,800 for non-member organisations  

The cost of the programme is inclusive of meals, accommodation and programme materials.  

The fee is payable at the time of booking.  

Those interested in attending are advised to contact the event co-ordinator Ashleigh Walsh ​by calling +44 (0)1865 818030  or emailing