QUBE Campus

The QUBE Virtual Campus

The extraordinary, immersive, collaborative environment that is QUBE is an ideal space for future thinking. It enables everyone to have a voice and to share in the solution. It takes status and ego out of the equation and working on QUBE is great fun.

Since we launched the QUBE@Work Series in 2018, we’ve tackled a whole raft of subjects related to major project management, including stakeholders, agile project management, procurement, leadership, collaboration, complexity, innovation, emotional intelligence, storytelling and much more.

These regular workshop sessions (QUBE@Work runs on the third Thursday of every ‘even’ month throughout the year, starting in February) will provide you with an opportunity to explore and develop personal and organizational approaches to working in major projects. We aim to generate an output from each event that you can take back and share with colleagues. You’ll also have the opportunity to experience (and practise your skills) of working in a virtual environment.

Finally, this is an opportunity to meet and work collaboratively with your peers from across other major projects. Once you are registered on QUBE, there’s no need to re-register, you will be able to go straight into the workshop Qubicle where you meet up with other workshop delegates to pick up on conversations or work you have started, at any time, in between the workshops.

Click here for details of the upcoming QUBE@Work session and to register

Using the QUBE environment involves downloading a .exe file and using a simple headphone and microphone (such as the simple in-ear set you probably use to make calls on your mobile phone). If you have a work laptop, you may need help from your IT team to install the .exe file or you may find it easier to use a personal laptop or PC for the session. Unfortunately, QUBE is not easily compatible with Apple devices so you’ll need a Windows computer to join the session.

QUBE@Work is open both to Major Projects Association Members and Non-Members.

QUBE@Work is run in collaboration with QUBE.cc. More information on the world of QUBE.

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